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Brews and Broomsticks

A mockumentary web series

Episode 1

The three sisters welcome the documentary crew.

Episode 2

Raven and Vanessa throw Melinda a birthday party.

Episode 3

Raven has many visitors, Vanessa reveals her heartbreak, Melinda's husband is still a frog.

Episode 4

It's Halloween and the pressure is on for Wendy to bring Fred back from being a frog.

Episode 5

The sisters visit Gilda to see if she can help Vanessa. Gilda has a different plan.

Episode 6

Vanessa shows a new side. Raven fights boredom. Melinda is reaching her limit.

Episode 7

Vanessa gets her degree. Melinda attends a therapy session. Raven gets confronted.

Episode 8

The witches talk about their side jobs. Melinda picks up a dirty habit. Vanessa longs for Michael Fassbender. Raven reveals her sensual side.

Episode 9

Claudia hosts a Voodoo session. A budding romance occurs. A fight breaks out over friendship.

Episode 10

Vanessa and Melinda go to Michigan to confront Daddy Warlock. Raven stays behind on a book tour. Fred makes an appearance.

Episode 11

Melinda discovers a surprise. Vanessa struggles with her annual Christmas present from Raven.

Episode 12

Melinda embraces motherhood. Vanessa is inspired. Raven confronts a new nemesis.