Twins. Actors. Filmmakers. Air Force Veterans.

Heidi and Heather grew up in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. A beautiful and rustic location affectionately known as the “U.P.” Which makes them certified “Yoopers.” They began performing at the age of three in tap dance recitals. Dance led them to theater and theater led them…into the military? They both joined the U.S. Air Force upon graduating High School, where they went to boot camp and tech school together and became Command Post Controllers. Being stationed apart, they traveled the world and got to see and do a lot of really cool things like the commercials tell you, only completely different. Being rugged and ferocious military women, they decided to set their sights on the next brave adventure…acting. They are now actors and filmmakers, sharing their unique life experience and love for story telling with the world.

Heidi and Heather have completed several short films and commercial parodies that premiered at local and international film festivals. Their web series “Brews and Broomsticks” was nominated for Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Comedy at LA Web Fest. Projects in development include a Yooper film and a twin TV show. They were recently in a national Citi Bank commercial.